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Done-For-You Linkedin Lead Generation Company

You know that your business needs more leads to grow.

But relying on referrals, word of mouth and inbound leaves you feeling not in control. 

You know you need to be doing outbound prospecting,
but don’t have the time and struggle to stay consistent. 

Imagine if you had a steady flow of leads delivered to your inbox every single day.

Imagine if you had a team who did prospecting for you. 
Imagine having warm conversations teed up on a daily basis.

That is what we do at Lead Cookie.

We manage your Linkedin profile and start warm conversations between you and your ideal customers.

On average our customers book 3-8 qualified calls per month as a result of our service. 


"We closed a deal worth over $100k to us in the first two months of working with Lead Cookie. I have several other deals in the pipeline that are still in the works and another two dozen qualified leads I’m working.

Previously I was attempting to do a similar outreach process myself but with nowhere near the performance of Lead Cookie. I have been impressed with the results generated so far."

Jeff Conlon, Ideas Money Art

chris sears.jpeg

Lead Cookie has become the most consistent and significant source of marketing qualified leads that we have. I've been amazed at the organization of the service. It is totally worth it and well justified. We have gotten several large, high-level opportunities as well.

Chris Sears, Director of Sales Development and Lead Generation at hc1

Companies our outreach has generated meetings with:

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And many more...


How it works


Watch this video for a quick overview of how Lead Cookie works


We manage your Linkedin profile and start warm conversations between you and your ideal customers.

In detail, there are 3 pieces to how we do that. 

Step 1) We optimize your Linkedin Profile

All of the tactics we implement are built on the foundation of an optimized profile and tagline. We work with you during onboarding to polish your profile for conversion. 


Step 2) We connect with up to 75 target prospects every day

We don’t send a straight sales pitch right away. Instead we connect with a non-salesey message, send over valuable articles and let the prospects come to us. 


Step 3) We send a 4-step drip sequence

We send 4 drip messages to your target prospects over a 30 day period with the goal of starting warm conversations between you and your ideal customers.

But, leads are pointless if you can’t close them…

That is why we offer more than just lead gen. We are committed to empowering you with tools, sales training and resources to help you move these leads from a conversation to close. 

You also receive access to:


Video Training Courses on "How to convert leads from Linkedin"


Monthly success and sales coaching calls 


Dedicated success manager who works your Linkedin inbox every day

CRM Image.jpg

CRM to keep all of your Linkedin leads organized 


Monthly Metrics Reports with campaign statistics


The Results


On average, our clients generate 3-8 qualified calls per month as a result of the leads we send them

Other benefits include...

Grow your audience

You will add hundreds of target prospects to your Linkedin network monthly. Content you post will now appear in their news feed.

Consistent leads

Stop relying word of mouth and referrals. Outbound becomes a consistent source of new leads for your business that you control. 

Increased Profile Traffic

Traffic to your Linkedin profile will increase by 500-1,500% over three months. 


Within 3 months of working with Lead Cookie we closed multiple new clients for our video marketing service. We’d tried other lead generation services in the past and had absolutely nothing to show for it, but with LeadCookie we've seen over a 10x ROI on our investment. The combination of their attention to detail and ability to create actual results make LeadCookie a no-brainer.

Jenko Kent, VideGro


Lead Cookie provided instant results. In the first 30 days, I was overwhelmed with new leads. It took some work to convert them to phone calls but we had several scheduled within the first month!

Michael Greenberg, Call for Content


Lead Cookie delivers what they say they will. They work fast and produce volumes of contacts. I recommend them without reservation. They have high integrity; none of the fake push or hustle that seems to be the culture of other lead generating services.

Steve Pruneau, Free Agent Source


WOW! I am amazed at how fast the service started generating leads. Within the first week I was booking calls with high-quality prospects.

Mandi Ellefson
Hands Off CEO


I'm blown away. We closed our first customer within two months of starting our Linkedin outreach. Needless to say, we are happy! The quality of the people and the way these conversations start on Linkedin has been amazing

Andrew Huton, Level Up Digital


We hired Lead Cookie to run Linkedin outreach for one of our clients. They delivered as they promised and generated a lot of leads within the first 30 days. They were easy to work with and well organized. I would highly recommend them to other agency owners looking for a partner in Linkedin outreach.

Imaan Minaii, Managing Director at Little Apple


Lead Cookie changed the course of my business in a matter of days. I had so many high quality leads and prospects come through in the first week that I literally had to pause the service. These were super senior people at large organizations offering to meet up over coffee or a call. I highly recommend this to any other consultants looking to ramp up their business.

Xander Pollock, Design Sprint Consultant


In the first two weeks of working with Lead Cookie I had over 18 qualified leads, booked 4 phone calls, and had already sent a proposal to a great prospective customer. The service has absolutely blown me away!

Juliette Schmerler
Sparktank Franchise Marketing


Oh, and it's Risk-Free!

Seriously, we will give you your money back if you aren't happy!


At Lead Cookie, “Win/Win” is one of our core values. 

That is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. 

If, at the end of 30 days, you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. 

This guarantee forces us to only sign customers who will be a great fit and benefit from our services.

This is also why we require all new prospects to submit an application to work with us. We don’t just work with anyone. We work with people we know we can produce results for. 


Apply for our Done-for-You Linkedin Prospecting Service


We are very picky about who we sign as clients at Lead Cookie.

We will only sign on customers who we are certain will see results and a positive ROI from our service. Interested in finding out if you are a good fit?

Fill out the application below or send us an email at 

Or download our free How to Guide for Linkedin Lead Generation

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