In sales, there is something called the “30-day rule”.

Simply put, the results from your prospecting in a 30-day window will last for the next 90 days. That’s awesome! But it also means that the health of your sales pipeline (and this “time of plenty”) can dry up.

To keep you on the path to predictable revenue, our team put together the Slow and Steady Plan.

How it works

By lowering the volume of leads contacted to 25 per day, we make sure that you’re not being overloaded with new leads. We’ve found this to be the magic number for keeping leads coming into the pipeline while you’re currently working through the leads our team has already generated.

Is it that simple? You bet! Our goal is to ensure that your pipeline remains consistent without experiencing lulls.




25 connections per day

$499 / month


25 connections per day

$850 / month


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Success and sales coaching calls 


Dedicated success manager

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