Lead Cookie is looking to hire a part-time project manager to join our rapidly growing team. 


Work remotely!

Imagine having the ability to work from anywhere.

Your home, a coffee shop, Europe, Mexico, Thailand…

At Lead Cookie, our number one value is freedom.

You will have to work each day and put in time and hours, but you will have a significant amount of freedom where and when you work.


What Lead Cookie is:

Lead Cookie is a done-for-you Linkedin Prospecting service. Basically, we manage peoples Linkedin profiles, connect with ~100 target prospects per day and drip them messages over time.

Does it work?

Heck yeah! Our clients are seeing INSANE results which is what is leading to our rapid growth. Most of our clients seen anywhere from 3-20 qualified leads coming through per month.

So what is the role?

This role is a very logistical project management and operations focused role. You will be given a set of tasks each day and you are responsible for getting those tasks completed yourself along with the help of a team of virtual assistants. 

These tasks include:

  • Sending connection requests on Linkedin

  • Reviewing and cleaning out a clients Linkedin inbox

  • Moving leads to a CRM

  • Updating a CRM

  • Emailing the clients updates and troubleshooting their questions

  • Sending drip messages to clients

  • Fixing problems as they arise

This is a highly monotonous role! You will be running a system that has been built for you. 

The part time nature of this role:

As our company grows, we often need team members who can jump in for when our team members go on vacation or sick leave. Also, we at times experience a bit of overflow work and need an extra hand.

This role will consistently have at least 5-10 hours of work per week, and on some occasions may ramp up to 30 hours per week with given notice.

This ideal for someone who is open to part-time extra cash and has flexibility and availability in their schedule.

The ideal candidate:

  • Can handle monotonous tasks

  • Detail oriented 

  • Fast learner

  • Experienced in project management

  • Has basic Linkedin Experience 


Purpose: Freedom

  • The actions we take create more freedom, not less for team members, clients & owners.


  • Life > Work

  • Lifelong learning

  • Underpromise, Overdeliver

  • Positive thinking

  • Mutually Beneficial Transactions


How to apply:

1. Create a Google Doc for your application. Keep it well organized and easy to digest

2. Include the following

  • Name

  • EMail

  • URL of your Linkedin profile

3. Write me a cover letter that sells me on why I should hire you for this position over anyone else.


  • Use your webcam or cell phone to record an application video or audio message.

  • This video or audio message should be at maximum 60 seconds long (Not a second longer).

  • As the first word of your video or audio message say “Moist” and as the last word of your message say “Toodaloo”

  • In the background of your video or audio play Mozart’s 5th. This can be added in via post production or played through a speaker while recording.

  • In the content of the video or audio, persuade me on why you are a good fit for this role.

  • Upload this video or audio to Dropbox. If you do not have an account create a free one and upload the file there. Add the dropbox link as the very final item of your Google Doc after your cover letter and questions.

5. Answer the following questions on the Google Doc

  • Tell me about your experience with Linkedin

  • Tell me about your experience in B2B Sales

  • What is your superpower?

6. Please provide 3 past employment references including, names, phone number, email and Linkedin URL

7. Please provide a link to a 30 second or shorter Youtube video that makes you laugh…

The video below made us crack up.


8. Send an application to careers@leadcookie.com

  • The subject line should read “LC Applicant: YOUR NAME”

  • The body of the email should include a link to the Google Doc and nothing else.