So you are ready to get started with Lead Cookie. 

Before you sign up and book your onboarding, we want to align and make sure we are on the same page.

Please watch the video below and read the content on this page BEFORE filling out the onboarding form. 


Setting Expectations

How our service works


Step 1) We optimize your LinkedIn Profile

All of the tactics we implement are built on the foundation of an optimized profile and tagline. We work with you during onboarding to polish your profile for conversion. 

Step 2) We send up to 100 outbound connection requests per day

We don’t send a straight sales pitch right away. Instead we connect with a non-salesey message, send over valuable articles and let the prospects come to us. When someone accepts our connection requests we then drip them a series of 4 messages over the course of 30 days. 

Step 3) We generate qualified traffic to your profile

We use the software tool Dux-Soup to visit up to 500 profiles of your target prospects every day. You show up in their “Who’s viewed your profile section,” and as a result, get inbound leads and connection requests.

chris sears.jpeg

Lead Cookie has become the most consistent and significant source of marketing qualified leads that we have.


It is totally worth it and well justified. We have gotten several large, high-level opportunities as well.

Chris Sears, Director of Sales Development and Lead Generation, hc1


What to expect

Onboarding time commitment from you

  • 90 minute onboarding call

  • Back and forth emails approving scripts and campaigns

  • 2-4 weeks between onboarding call and starting your campaign

Ongoing time commitment from you

  • 10-30 minutes per day handling leads and responses

  • Recommended to block out 1 hour, twice per month to go back and follow up with all leads

What we CANNOT do

  • Customize messages for each individual prospect beyond first name

  • Hand qualify each prospect before we send a connection request

What we CAN do

  • Build extremely targeted LinkedIn search queues with keywords and specific criteria and then run custom campaigns around each that appear semi-customized while being done at scale

How billing works

  • $500 setup and strategy payment due up front before booking your onboarding call

  • $1,500 per month which is billed on the day we start running outreach on your account

  • There is typically a 2-4 week delay between the onboarding call and starting your account while we gain your approval on scripting and strategy

What to expect

  • 20-100 conversations every month

  • ~20-50% will be unqualified responses

  • Most of our customers book 3-8 high quality phone calls per month

  • Customers in challenging niches book 1-3 calls per month

Want more detail?

  • Go to and sign up for a free account

  • This portal includes training videos that we have all new customers watch. This gives a more in depth look at how our service works

What's next?

  • Fill out the form at the bottom of this page
  • Pay the invoice that we send
  • Schedule an onboarding call with your account strategist 


100% Risk Free!

We have a 30 day money back guarantee included with our offer. If you are unhappy for any reason in the first 30 days of running your account we will refund 100% of your money back.

We don't want to be marketers selling a marketing service that doesn't work. We include this guarantee so we are mutually aligned to ensure that you see results. 


In the first two weeks of working with Lead Cookie I had over 18 qualified leadsbooked 4 phone calls, and had already sent a proposal to a great prospective customer. The service has absolutely blown me away!

Juliette Schmerler
Sparktank Franchise Marketing



$500 one time setup fee for scripting and strategy. 

$1,500 per month with a 3 month minimum commitment. 

The 3 month minimum is required so that we can see a campaign through to completion from beginning to end. If you take the refund in the first 30 days then you are not committed to the second two months. 

Payment Options

You can pay monthly at $1,500 per month or save 10% if you pay for 3 months up front. 


Do I need LinkedIn Sales Navigator to run these tactics?

Yes. You will need to upgrade to LinkedIn Sales Navigator. There is a free 30 day trial and Sales Navigator costs $79.99 per month after the trial ends. 

Will you be speaking to prospects on my behalf?

During the onboarding call we will build a series of scripts that you will approve. Our team will never send out any messages on your behalf that are not a part of these pre-approved scripts.

How much time will this take me?

The initial onboarding call is 90 minutes. After that you can expect to spend anywhere from 10-20 minutes per day responding to and nurturing the leads we hand off to you. 

How does this work on a day to day basis?

You will have an account manager who runs and handles your LinkedIn account for you. Every day they will clean out your LinkedIn inbox and send you updates and action steps for any leads you need to follow up with. 

Are there any risks to my LinkedIn account with these tactics?

Yes. There are some risks with using these tactics on your LinkedIn account. We have seen very minimal problems so far with our service but do require that you read our Risks Disclosure before submitting the onboarding form below. 

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