Our goal with Lead Cookie Nurture is to build a long term relationship with you where we are creating content for years to come.

That means we will capture your voice, know your business, and produce content that you re proud to share.

BUT, we won’t be perfect from day one. 

In fact, we will most likely miss the mark on some things. That is simply part of the learning process. 

That is why quality feedback from you is essential.

Each time you provide us feedback, we can learn and improve for future content.

Examples of BAD feedback:

For feedback to be useful, we need context. 

  • “No”

  • “Rejected”

  • “I don’t like this.”

  • “Don’t use this.”

  • “I disagree with this statement.”

While this feedback rejects a post, it doesn’t tell us WHY you rejected a post.

Without context on WHY a post is rejected, we can’t improve in the future.

Examples of GOOD feedback:

Good feedback has context on WHY something is approved or rejected.

  • “Let’s not use this piece of content as a source as it’s a bit outdated and not on par with our current messaging.”

  • “This article doesn’t seem to relevant to share because it’s talking about another aspect of our industry that we don’t quite touch too much.”

  • “The tone of this one seems off. It feels a bit too up tight and I would prefer to have a more laid back and casual tone.”

  • “This post feels a bit too straight forward and salesy to me. I would prefer not be so direct.”

  • “This article you picked is relevant to the industry, but I disagree with what it is saying because XYZ.”

  • “This post is great. If we could do more like this that would be awesome.”

All of this is good feedback because it tells us WHY the post was not useable. This helps us either tweak it to improve, or create better and more relevant content in the future.

What happens if I provide bad feedback?

Well, we will be really sad and might just cry…