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Lead Nurture Strategy- Turn LinkedIn leads Into meetings

To drive in more business and to book more meetings, it may take just a few minutes to research a lead to connect with that person on a deeper level.

Check out this quick video to see a simple concept that can be tremendous for your business. Learn how to connect with someone just by looking at a few things in their profile.

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Sales Navigator inbox updates

Linkedin is in the process of switching anyone using Sales Navigator to a stand-alone platform. Any new connections or messages you receive are no longer going to be in your normal inbox, but rather in a specific Sales Navigator inbox.

Here is a quick explanation why it is very important not to let your Sales Navigator subscription lapse and what can happen if you do.

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How and why to break up your Linkedin search queues

While it may be great to get thousands of results when searching for prospects on Sales Navigator, Linkedin only allows up to 1,000 of the most relevant profiles to be shown in your search results. This is why it would be beneficial for you to break up your search queue.

Click here to learn a few different ways you can break up the queue to see all results possible.

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What to do when an outbound lead refers you to someone else

You may receive some responses where you are referred to contact somebody else, especially if you are targeting bigger companies.  

Here’s how you can approach contacting someone you were referred to. There are a couple ways you can handle this, so included in this video are some script examples I use when reaching out to referrals.

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What to do when an outbound lead tells you to follow up

When someone says “not right now,” they may still be a great lead but may not be at the right point in the buying circle. Being persistent will show that person that you will deliver on what you say and are a great person to work with.

Watch this video for some quick tips on following up and what this system may look like for you.

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How to follow up with Leads on Linkedin

One of the most profitable activities for your business is in the follow-up. It’s important to be persistent and nurture these specific leads and to even pick up the conversation through email if needed.

This video shows why following up is so important and how to implement a dedicated time in your schedule to do this to convert those customers. Bonus: See where you can find a person’s email through their profile.

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Linkedin secrets with John Nemo

A lot of research for Lead Cookie came from John Nemo's courses. John started off in the lead generation game after he took a leap of faith and left his 'soul sucking day job'. With only 1 client and 1 month's worth of wages, he opened his own marketing agency, worked out of home and generated 6 figures in revenue within 90 days.

Tune in to hear more about how he gained opportunities and refined how to talk to people and sell on LinkedIn.

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Generate leads on Linkedin with Wayne Breitbarth

Wayne has been in the “game” since the early days of LinkedIn. His interest started off as a hobby but when he realized people were really attentive when engaging in public speaking on the topic, he teamed up with his wife to write a book about it.

Tune in to hear some unique tactics and business growth methods that you wouldn't normally think about, and to learn some actionable tips on ways to generate more leads and business opportunities through LinkedIn.

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