Advanced Training for Linkedin Sales Navigator

Having trouble getting started with Linkedin Sales Navigator, or want to learn more about it’s immense power?

Then the two videos below are created just for you. In the first video we give you the overview of Linkedin Sales Navigator.

And in the second video we dive deep showing you the immense power of Linkedin’s search filters.

An overview of Linkedin Sales Navigator

If you are new to Sales Navigator and don’t even know where to start, then this first video is for you.


Mastering Linkedin Sales Navigator’s Search Features

For those of you who are beyond the basics, this video dives deep into how to maximize and get laser targeted with your Sales Navigator Search queues.


Guaranteed leads in 30 days or your money back with Linkedin Lead Generation

The videos above teach you how to harness the power of Linkedin Sales Navigator, but if you need help managing the rest of your outreach process, then reach out to us at Lead Cookie about our Linkedin Lead Generation Service.