How to Follow Up via Email with a LinkedIn Lead

If you're messaging on LinkedIn with a lead and the conversation goes dark, don't give up. Following up via email--when done properly and respectfully--can restart the conversation and move the lead further through your sales process.

In this video, I show you best practices for doing this, check it out!

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Narrowing Down Your Niche From the 148 Industries on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

You've decided on your niche for your LinkedIn Sales Navigator search but want to search EVERY industry on LinkedIn. What to do with so many choices!

In this video, I'll help you understand the importance of choosing your LinkedIn industries wisely, and how you can focus your search using a combination of the industry, keyword, and title filters. Narrow your niche and find your ideal clients!

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LinkedIn Lead Generation: How Many Connections Should/Can You Send

How many connections should I be sending to generate engaged leads (without having trouble with LinkedIn)? This is a common question we get here at Lead Cookie.

In this video, one of our account strategists, Jeff Doehler, breaks down how many connections we send and how to avoid issues with LinkedIn by staying under acceptable usage limits.

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Using Sales Navigator to Run Separate Niche Outreach Campaigns to generate leads

This video shows you how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find niche segments and run multiple outbound campaigns at the same time to generate qualified leads.

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Should You Use Automation on LinkedIn?

We get asked a lot at Lead Cookie if we use or recommend the use of automated tools on LinkedIn. The short answer is no, and this video explains why (along with showing you that LinkedIn is actually checking your browser for these tools).

Nefarious LinkedIn Tool:

Complete List of Tools LinkedIn is Looking for:

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Lead Cookie Receives Clutch Leader Award in LinkedIn Marketing

Over the last two years, we’ve become the preeminent LinkedIn marketing agency, having worked with hundreds of clients across various industries to help them generate sales-ready leads and grow their businesses. That’s why we’re thrilled to have been recognized as a Top LinkedIn Marketing Agency by Clutch and to be among the top social media marketing agencies on their site.

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How to Use Sales Navigator Account Search to ID Ideal Companies and Leads

Most people start searching for leads on Sales Navigator with a lead search. This is great if you have a general offer, but if you sell a service or product that a specific type of company, then you'll get much better results by first finding ideal companies (accounts) to sell to, and then finding the right leads at them. This video shows you how to do that!

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How to create a high performing LinkedIn post

After creating over 1,000 Linkedin posts at, we have learned quite a few tips on how to create a powerful and engaging Linkedin post.

In this video, I dive into some of the key factors of a high performing Linkedin post.

  • Hook someone from line 1

  • 80% useful / 20% promotional

  • Links will kill your organic reach < Put links in the comments or encourage someone to ask for the link

  • Post at least 3 times per week

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Finding Companies Using Specific Technologies on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you sell to companies using specific technologies, such as Hubspot, Shopify, Wordpress, and more, LinkedIn Sales Navigator's account search can help you find target accounts.

Check out this brief video to see how you can identify accounts of potential clients/customers and find the decision makers at them.

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Nailing Outbound Post GDPR: The LinkedIn System for Leads That Close

Recently, one of our account strategists, Jeff Doehler, did a webinar with our friends over at Convert (link to on how you can use LinkedIn as an outbound lead-gen channel post-GDPR.

Get an overview of the system we use to generate leads for our clients and learn how you can start using LinkedIn to generate engaged leads for your business.

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Communicating Clear Value with Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile should quickly (and clearly) explain to prospects that you understand their problems and are the best person to solve them. By using our proven outline, you can focus on your prospects and convey the value you provide.

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Finding leads in Sales Navigator who recently posted on LinkedIn

When searching for leads in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can identify leads who were recently active by using the additional filter of "Posted on LinkedIn in the past 30 days" - Not only does this ensure a lead is active on LinkedIn, but it can also give you content to reference in your outreach to further customize your messaging.

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Lead Nurture Strategy- Turn LinkedIn leads Into meetings

To drive in more business and to book more meetings, it may take just a few minutes to research a lead to connect with that person on a deeper level.

Check out this quick video to see a simple concept that can be tremendous for your business. Learn how to connect with someone just by looking at a few things in their profile.

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