How Linkedin Access Works

There are two options for how we can gain access to your Linkedin profile.

Option 1 - Access via a publishing tool (Safest option)

The safest and most secure way to provide access is by using our publishing tool called Planable. In this instance, we never actually gain access to the customers Linkedin profile. 

Instead, we send them an invite to Planable and they connect Linkedin to Planable on their end.

We publish through Linkedin's API's and never access the customer's actual profile. Each person would have the ability to approve posts if they wanted before they are scheduled live on Linkedin.

Upside to Publishing tools: It is safer and less scary for the end user.

Downside to Publishing tools: The only downside to this approach is we do not have the ability to like or reshare the posts of other team members. We also cannot tag individuals via Linkedin's API.

Option 2 - Access the clients Linkedin directly

The second approach is for the customer to actually give us access to their Linkedin account. To do this we ask that they submit their password here:

With this approach, we will log-in to the clients actual Linkedin on a virtual server that we run our company on. This enables us to fully manage their account. 

Upside to direct access: We can like, share, tag, and use all of Linkedin's content features that are not available through the API.

Downside to direct access: We have to do a 2-factor authentification and it is scary for some people to open up their account to us like this. 

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