How to use this page


This page is full of questions and prompts to get your brain turning. The best and most authentic content will come from you, and we can simply act as a way to channel that in a polished way to your Linkedin audience. Here’s how it works:

  1. Scroll through until you find a question or a prompt that resonates with you.

  2. Click here or the button below to send us a voice memo with your ideas OR feel free to send an email to

That is it. This is a simple place to get inspiration and share your ideas with us. The more you give us, the more incredible content we can create for you.

Your viewpoints

  • What is something that you strongly believe in that others would disagree with?

  • Look at some industry trends and buzzwords in your space right now. What are they? And what are your thoughts on them? Are they bogus? Are they revolutionary? Share your opinion with us.

  • What pisses you off? What really annoys you that you constantly see and want to call out? 

  • What mindset or belief do your customers have that typically prove to be false? 

Advice to others

  • If you could go back to the days when you were just getting started in your area of expertise, what would you tell yourself?

  • Think about the last call you had with a customer for your business. What is one question that they asked? Share the question with us and answer it here. 

  • Let’s go back to the basics. In regards to your area of expertise, what is a fundamental concept that most people fail to correctly understand?

  • What advice do you find yourself repeatedly giving your customers? 

Lessons learned

  • Think about the last book you read. What is one of the biggest lessons or takeaways you got from it?

  • Tell us a story about a time you faced adversity and overcame it. This could be personal or professional.

    • What was the situation?

    • What challenges happened?

    • How did you overcome it?

    • What did you learn from it? 

  • What is your favorite book of all time? What are some of the top lessons that you have learned from it?

  • Think about a key personality, a mentor, or an influencer who you follow. What is something that you recently learned from them?

Appreciation to others

  • One great way to use LinkedIn is to show appreciation to customers, vendors, and partners who are important to your business. Who are some people we could give shout-outs to and what would you like to say about them?


  • A picture tells 1,000 words. Can you share any photos or images with us that could be fun to share on social media? Can you give us a peak behind-the-scenes of your business? Or even share something on a more personal side?

  • Failure sucks, but it makes for great content. People are attracted to you when you are vulnerable and share stories about the times things didn’t work out. Tell us the story about a time you failed at something and what you learned from it. 


  • What question could we ask your audience? What are you curious about, or would be a good question to probe to your potential customers? 

Strategically warm up potential partners

Here is a great way to gain massive value out of our service. Use LinkedIn to build strategic relationships.

First, identify a few influencers or people who you would love to connect and engage with. Share those with us, and we can begin to share and re-post their content. 

Second, once we’ve re-posted their content a few times, you can reach out to them with the warmth of knowing they have seen your name sharing their stuff now for several weeks.

Here are just a few people you could use this strategy for:

  • Conference organizers

  • Association managers

  • Industry influencers or influential online personalities

  • Potential partners or referral sources

  • Content collaborators

Give value to them first by re-sharing their content, and then you can reach out. 

Or send an email with your ideas to