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Done-For-You Linkedin Lead Generation Company

What is the Linkedin Advisory Community?

You receive access to a Slack Community & Monthly Q&A calls with Lead Cookie’s team of LinkedIn experts.

You are able to access our team live for ongoing questions, support, script reviews, and more!


Access to Private Slack Community with the Lead Cookie team

Have the worlds leading Linkedin experts just a message away to help advise you on your outreach campaigns.


Live Q&A Calls with the Lead Cookie Team

Twice per month we will hold live Q&A calls where you can ask the Lead Cookie team any questions you may have, or workshop your scripts live.


250+ Linkedin Campaigns

Thousands of leads generated

Millions of dollars of ROI for our clients

That is what we have done at Lead Cookie with our done-for-you Linkedin Lead Generation services.

But now, for the first time ever, we will be opening up the doors to Lead Cookie’s team so that you can engage with our team directly for feedback and advice.

Our goal is to enable you to run these Linkedin outreach campaigns on your own AND increase the results of your existing campaigns.

Meet our Linkedin experts

Jeff Markle.jpeg

Jeff Markle
Head of Operations

Jeff built the systems to handle sending over 200,000 LinkedIn messages by hand, per month.

Isaac Marsh.jpeg

Isaac Marsh
Account Strategist

Isaac operates on the front lines and qualifies the customers we take on at Lead Cookie. He is an expert at value propositions and can tell you if yours needs work before starting your campaign. 

Rick Williams.jpeg

Rick Williams
Account Strategist

Rick has created campaigns for over 120 Lead Cookie clients and is a master of all things Sales Navigator and search queues.

Kelly Schuster.jpeg

Kelly Schuster
Linkedin Debugger & Operations Expert

Kelly is on the front lines of changes in Linkedin’s interface and is on top of whatever new change or tweak is happening in their systems.


Jeff Doehler
Appointment Setting & Strategy

Jeff is an account strategist and runs Lead Cookie’s appointment setting offer. Prior to Lead Cookie Jeff ran a cold email and appointment setting agency so he can speak to creating omni-channel outbound campaigns.


Jake Jorgovan

Jake is the Founder of Lead Cookie. He built the company with Jeff Markle from day one, although now his team is officially better at all things Linkedin than he is.


Who “Linkedin Advisory” is for


Linkedin outreach is best suited for companies doing B2B sales. This includes:

  • Agencies / Consulting Firms

  • Consultants / Freelancers

  • Copywriters / Content Marketers

  • Software companies

  • B2B sales professionals

  • Coaches

  • Entrepreneurs & CEO’s

We are even open to having other Linkedin Lead Generation experts or marketing agencies join this group. We do not fear competition, so if you are wanting help building up your own Linkedin outreach business, feel free to join. 


What is included in the
Linkedin Advisory Community:

Our goal is to jam pack this community with INSANE value!


Our goal is to jam pack this community with value unparalleled by anything else you will find online. Included in our community you will gain access to the following:

  • Direct access to the Lead Cookie Team - Want to speak with our operations director? Account manager? Lead Strategist? Here is your chance. You will be added to a Slack group live with our team where you can ask our team leaders any questions.

    • Our team will respond within 48 business hours for any requests or questions.

  • Live Q&A Calls - Twice per month we will hold 60 minute Q&A calls to answer your questions or workshop challenges live.

  • Monthly “What’s working today calls” - Once per month, we will hold a live training session where the Lead Cookie team connects to discuss “What is working today” and share any updates or changes to the LinkedIn Platform.

  • Community - You will have access to a private Slack community of others who are running their own LinkedIn outreach campaigns as well.

  • Script Review & Feedback - Our account strategists are happy to review your scripts and provide feedback and thoughts for improvement.

  • Targeting Feedback - Struggling to figure out how to identify your ideal prospects on Linkedin? Our team is masters of Linkedin Sales Navigator and can help you laser target your prospects.

  • Templates - Access to the organization templates, systems, and processes that we use to keep our campaigns organized

  • “How to convert Linkedin Leads to Phone Calls” - Video training course focused on increasing conversion

  • Access to all call recordings - Even if you can’t make calls live, they will all be recorded and available for lifetime access.


Results we have generated for our clients


On average, our clients generate 3-8 qualified calls per month as a result of the leads we send them

Other benefits include...

Grow your audience

You will add hundreds of target prospects to your Linkedin network monthly. Content you post will now appear in their news feed.

Consistent leads

Stop relying word of mouth and referrals. Outbound becomes a consistent source of new leads for your business that you control. 

Increased Profile Traffic

Traffic to your Linkedin profile will increase by 500-1,500% over three months. 


Lead Cookie provided instant results. In the first 30 days, I was overwhelmed with new leads. It took some work to convert them to phone calls but we had several scheduled within the first month!

Michael Greenberg, Call for Content


Lead Cookie delivers what they say they will.  They work fast and produce volumes of contacts. I recommend them without reservation.  They have high integrity; none of the fake push or hustle that seems to be the culture of other lead generating services.

Steve Pruneau, Free Agent Source


WOW! I am amazed at how fast the service started generating leads. Within the first week I was booking calls with high-quality prospects.

Mandi Ellefson
Hands Off CEO


I'm blown away. We closed our first customer within two months of starting our Linkedin outreach. Needless to say, we are happy!  The quality of the people and the way these conversations start on Linkedin has been amazing

Andrew Huton, Level Up Digital


We hired Lead Cookie to run Linkedin outreach for one of our clients. They delivered as they promised and generated a lot of leads within the first 30 days. They were easy to work with and well organized. I would highly recommend them to other agency owners looking for a partner in Linkedin outreach.

Imaan Minaii, Managing Director at Little Apple 


Lead Cookie changed the course of my business in a matter of days. I had so many high quality leads and prospects come through in the first week that I literally had to pause the service. These were super senior people at large organizations offering to meet up over coffee or a call. I highly recommend this to any other consultants looking to ramp up their business.

Xander Pollock, Design Sprint Consultant


Am I a good fit for
Linkedin Advisory?


If you can answer yes to the following 3 questions, then this program will deliver you great value.

  • Do you focus on B2B sales? (AKA selling to other businesses or entrepreneurs) 

  • Is your average customer worth over $5,000 per year to you?

  • Are you willing to dedicate 30-60 minutes per day to win new business?

If you answered yes to those 3 questions, then this will be a great fit for you.

And one other piece… The higher your customer value is, the more value you will gain out of this course.

For example, we had one customer of Lead Cookie who worked with us for 6 months. They saw some results, but then one day they closed a $250,000+ deal as a result of our outreach.

That one single deal paid for our services for years to come. 

The larger a deal is to you, the more value you will see from this approach. 


Oh, and it's Risk Free!

Seriously, we will give you your money back if you aren't happy!


At Lead Cookie, “Win/Win” is one of our core values. 

That is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

If at the end of 30 days, you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. 


Join the Linkedin Advisory Community


If you win even one new customer as a result of the feedback that our team shares for your campaign, then this program will pay for itself for years to come.

The investment for the LinkedIn Advisory Community is $250 per month.

No long term commitments, cancel at any time.

30 day money back guarantee.




Do I need a Premium version of Linkedin for this?

Many of the tactics we use will be universal to all versions of Linkedin, but to gain the maximum power of Linkedin, we do recommend utilizing Linkedin Sales Navigator as it gives you enhanced targeting abilities, InMails, and the ability to message at much higher volume.

I’m not sure if my prospects are on Linkedin?

If you are doing B2B sales, then your prospects are on Linkedin. Now some industries may be less active than others, but there is always a subset of every industry that is active on Linkedin. We have targeted roofers, plumbers, HVAC companies, manufacturing companies, insurance agents, and almost any B2B vertical you can think of. The only vertical we have seen consistent poor results in is the education and small healthcare practices space. 

I’m not sure if I have a good niche or value proposition?

That is a good concern and one you can discuss with our team in the community. Your value proposition and “hook” that we come up with is the single most important piece to seeing results from your campaign. If you are struggling here, then we encourage you to bring this up in the live Q&A sessions, and Slack discussion. We will work on helping you build an irresistible offer. 

Can I use tools like Dux-Soup, Linkedin Helper, Jetbuzz, or Leonard with this course?

Technically… yes, you can use these automation tools if you want with the tactics we will be teaching you.
But we don’t recommend using automation. Linkedin is getting much better at rolling out detection of these tools and is stopping them. We recommend utilizing virtual assistants or doing this yourself to keep your profile as safe as possible.

I am building my own Linkedin outreach service? Can I still join your program?

Yes. We have no concerns of competitors joining this course and wanting to learn from us. The market for these Linkedin outreach services is infinite, so I am happy to teach everything I know.

BUT, if we get any wind that you are trying to poach customers in the community or push your Linkedin automation tool to our members, then we will kick you out in a heartbeat.

When will the live Q&A’s take place ?

We will hold live Q&A’s every other Tuesday at noon EST. Upon joining you will receive a calendar invite for the event series.

I’m debating between hiring Lead Cookie to do this for me, or joining the Advisory Community?

During the first 30 days of the community, if you decide that you would rather hire Lead Cookie’s done-for-you service, we will credit your entire payment toward your purchase of Lead Cookie’s done-for-you service.

Can my team members join the community with me?

Yes, we will allow you to bring 1-2 additional team members into the program when you sign up. We just ask that you do not abuse this privilege and invite people outside of your direct organization. But at no extra cost, you are welcome to invite business partners, assistants, team members, etc.

Sign up today

If you win even one new customer as a result of the feedback that our team shares for your campaign, then this program will pay for itself for years to come.

The investment for the LinkedIn Advisory Community is $250 per month.

No long term commitments, cancel at any time.

30 day money back guarantee.